When I have anytime, usually after ten at night when I am too tired to paint I will try & keep you updated on what we are upto.

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» Listings for February 2017

  1. I take inspiration from wherever I can get it.
    I saw these silk flowers while shopping in Sainsbury's & they gave me the idea for this image. 
    I am rarely totally happy with my paintings and this is one of those. If you haven't spotted it yet I have already changed one of the lavender on the front to a poppy. But I think I will be doing some more changes before I am happy with the pansies on the mug. Bottoms up I think!

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    Image may contain: flower, plant and nature
  2. I used my big sister Brenda's garden as inspiration for this painting. She is brilliant at everything she puts her mind too, especially painting & gardening. Me I struggle sometimes, as you can see from my first two paintings of a birdtable which I did a few years ago. I used to pipe the outline on with an icing bag, the first painting was too heavy, the second too simple, but my latest attempt I don't think I can get any better, just like all three of my big sisters.

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    Image may contain: flower, plant, sky, outdoor and nature Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

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