When I have anytime, usually after ten at night when I am too tired to paint I will try & keep you updated on what we are upto.

I shoud be working!

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I have not got much work done this week as I have been too busy re-doing all of my website. The old one had a lot of problems with speed & links not working, so I have changed to this site. Hopefully there will be less problems & it will be easier to choose the designs required.

Christmas is coming & I am not working enough, it is hard to get into the right mood when the weather is so nice for October.Once I get on the computer time seems to fly, even more than when I am painting. I keep having to remind myself that within a month I will be attending Christmas craft shows. so I will have to restrict my computer time before my husband chucks the laptop in the bin. He do'es not consider sorting out the website as work. He thinks that unless I have a piping bag or paint brush in hand I am not working. He forgets about all the other jobs that need doing when you run a business. Sometimes I feel like doing anything but painting! I enjoy all the other jobs that need doing, like applying for shows, replying to customers emails, looking for supplies & even accounts. I swear that one day he will tie me to my desk with a paint brush in my hand & a coffee drip in my arm. Although on second thoughts, if we are ever going to have enough stock ready for the christmas shows  I think I had better go & find some rope now!

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