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Right third time

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Seems like forever since I have had a moment to write a blog, with such a large amount of orders from Country Living magazine we thought we would never get through them, but I think we are coming out the other side now & straight into the Christmas rush. Sometimes I get so stressed I cannot sleep at night so I start working which often makes things worst but now & again I get my best ideas at night.

We have just been getting a new kitten as I convinced my Husband she would pay for her keep by being a model for me. So far she has had her paws in the paint, chewed my paint brushes & everyday nearly knocks over our pots.  So one night when I could not sleep I put her to work as a model for a Christmas Plate. I tend to find that most designs are never right first time, they often take a bit of working out. As I don't have time to mess about with a pencil & paper I have to do my try outs straight on to the ceramics with a pack of baby wipes by my side just in case it all goes wrong. It seems to be third time lucky. By the third try I usually feel that I am happy with the design & I have got it out of my system & I am ready to look for something esle to inspire me.

purfect 2  purfect plate 1  purfect sleep

However sometimes I am left unsure which design I like best?

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