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Our End Terrace Home & studio (a little nicer than in reality!) 
Adrian & Jennifer Bell work from their home studio in the Durham Dales
making & hand painting beautiful ceramic gifts.
 jen      adrian
Jennifer painting Bisque 2007      Adrian removing greenware 2006 
I first started painting plates as a hobby in my school holidays in 1984. I was bored & my Mam suggested that I paint but I didn't want to as I could not afford frames for my oil paintings so they just laid about in a draw. While out shopping we saw a Baby Plate which gave me the idea to paint plates as they did not need frames. So I found some old plates in the shed & I was away. 
85 plate
1985 - Plate inspired by an old victorian black & white photograph.
My first paintings were inspired by old black & white photos which I enjoyed bringing to life in colour. After spending many years walking in the countryside my designs were also inspired by my love of the wild flowers & the countryside around the river Wear in County Durham. I continued with my hobby while attending art college.  
Pen Studies of wild Honeysuckle
After college I got a job in Halifax at a small design company. I worked a lot on Umbro designs even though I had never liked sport. I loved the job but missed living in the North East. A few years passed & I got made redundant when the company was took over so I came home. I had a couple of jobs which were a bit of a come down designing for the local bingo, Takeaways etc. instead of big companies. I got made redundant for the second time & so I decided to start my own business.
But days later I was offered freelance work in Hull for clients like Uncle Ben's & Asda. I enjoyed the work & they soon offered me a permanent position. But I just could not face the thought of working away from home again in an office every day & I thought while I was young I wanted to try & make a go of my own business. 
In 1995 me & my sister started sharing a stall on Durham Indoor Market. I painted my oils onto plates & an old man would pass by & say to me "You should try On-glaze China painting." I did not know anything about On-glazes or proper pottery painting. Every time he passed he would tell me off for not painting with the proper china paints until one day he said he had a Kiln for sale. I decided to buy it off him & he also gave me some paints to get me started. I did not really know what I was doing but I soon got the hang of it, other China painters would ask me how many times did I fire the China & they were always shocked when I said once. They had recieved lessons on how to layer the painting. They painted, then fired. then painted, again & again to build up the colours. I had never had a lesson so I just went ahead my own way which always worked for me. I did not have time to mess around with multiple firing I was in business!
But sales on the market were not always great & a lady would often pass by & repeatedly say to me "you would do better at the craft fairs". So I tried a few craft shows & I found that I sold more in one day than I did all week at the market so I left the market in 1997. 
 At first all the ceramics were bought in blank from small manufacturers in Stoke-on-trent but over the years they disappeared as everything was being made abroad. So after working in the Fencing industry for many years my husband Adrian Bell joined the business in 2003 to make all the ceramics.All our friends though it would not last long a married couple working together 24/7 but Adrian loves the variety of his job & often wishes he'd joined the business earlier.
We were doing well at the shows & galleries but I began to get a aching hand because the slip-trailing technique I used meant I was constantly having to applying pressure to a piping bag with a 0.5 mm hole.  Hand painting everything had become a strain on my hands, eyes & time. I remember after my second daughter was born & I was sat feeding her on my knee trying to draw out egg cups while on the phone to a gallery who where complaining they had not had their order. The last straw came when we appeared in Country Living magazine & we were inundated with orders for a hand painted mug. I just could not keep up so we decided our only option was to start a printed range of gifts to compliment the hand made ceramics.
So in 2013 we started adding printed gifts to our range. They are printed from my original paintings & I am really enjoying being able to spend more time on detailed countryside paintings. I also get t mess about on the computer which is wtat I missed the most from my days as a Graphic Designer. The options that have opened up since we have been able to make & print a larger variety of gifts is very exciting & interesting. After years of saying no to supplying shops & galleries & no to advertising I am now able to say yes which makes a nice change!
me slip-trailing          dsc_0114
Me & my piping bag. June 2015                                             Adrian removing spare clay from moulds. June 2015
See how they've changed.
My style & techniques of painting is constantly changing over the years as you can see from the photos below.
DJ-Poppy DJ-poppy (3) dj.poppy
Poppy Jug 2012 Poppy Jug 2013 Poppy Jug 2015
IMGP0538 IMGP3065 MJ-hedgehog2
Hedgehog Jug 2010 Hedgehog Jug 2014 Hedgehog Jug 2016


DJ-Owl DJ-owl fly
Barn Owl 2011 Barn Owl 2013 Barn owl 2016
DJ-Bluetitcat DJ-bluetit dj-bluetitbutte
Blue Tit 2011 Blue Tit 2014 Blue Tit Jug 2015
DJ-Sunflowers DJ-monets DJ-sunflower
Sunflowers 2011 Sunflowers 2013 Sunflowers 2016
DJ-Cast torti DJ-Cat DJ-cat BW
Cat 2009 CAT 2011 Cat 2016
DJ- Buttercup DJ-buttercup dj-buttercup
Buttercups 2011 Buttercups 2012 Buttercups 2015
DJ-BFenceSummer DJ-ThrushAutumn DJ-Bird on Fence
Bird on Fence 2008 Bird on Fence 2012 Bird on Fence 2015