When I have anytime, usually after ten at night when I am too tired to paint I will try & keep you updated on what we are upto.

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» Listings for March 2018

  1. Brendas garden
    I love to visit my sister's garden & this is the second time I have painted it. It is a long narrow terraced garden but it looks amazing in the summer months. She puts my garden to shame. I buy plants at the flower shows then leave them for a couple of weeks until they are just about dead before I get round to planting them. I still have a Fig Tree waiting to be planted which I brought from Southport Flower Show last August, I think I am better sticking to painting gardens.

    DSC_0821 IMGP4912

    Brenda1  Brenda 2

    Brenda3M-Terraced Garden

  2. GardenParty finish

    Garden Party

    I had a meeting with Durham Women's Institue about suppling some gifts for them to sell. The night before as usual I was working until I was too tired to do any more. But as soon as I got into bed I had an idea for a design for the WI. Once it was on my mind I could not sleep & I had to get up again & put some ideas down on paper.

    I am glad I did as it has turned out lovely, I can personalise the Jam label so it will make a great present for any jam makers out there. If I had waited till morning it could of turned out totally different.

    GardenParty draw GardenParty draw5

    GardenParty draw4 GardenParty draw2

    GardenParty 6 GardenParty 7



  3. noaks ark

    KM- noah    KM- noah2

    I enjoyed planning & painting this Noah's Ark design as I have not painted any kids designs for a while. I tried my best to get as many different birds & animals in as possible but every time I asked my husband what he thought all he could say was "The animals went in two by two!"  I might be a workaholic who loves a challenge but no way could I face having to paint two of everything I did manage it with the Dolphins but that will have to do.

    Noah 1

    First idea drawing.

    Noah 2

    Final drawing. 

    Noah 3


    Quick sea & sky done.

    Noah 4

    Most of the hard work done.

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