When I have anytime, usually after ten at night when I am too tired to paint I will try & keep you updated on what we are upto.

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  1. I struggled with this painting as you can see from the first drawings the painting has ended up very different. I wanted to paint the dogs with the stove but I could not seem to fit it all in to look right when printed onto a mug. I just need something to bring the design together & I was about to give up when I remembered some photos of a puppy called Rosebud which had been posted by a friend on Facebook. Perfect!
    (Thank you Eleanor & hope you don't mind me using your photos!)

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  2. When I was a child we did not have much but we made the most of what we did. Me & my mam loved to make things & one of my favorite things was a snow castle with its own snowy garden full of interesting things, made from toilet rolls & loads of cotton wool. I always remember the first snow castle advent calendar my Mam made for me. She hid little presents under the cotton wool & I was allowed to find one each December day. There were little Deer & Snowmen but my favorite were the tiny plastic ballerinas which are normally to be found on top of cakes. How jealous was my best friend when I came to school with a ballerina & all she got was chocolates from her advent! 
    P.S. Not quite ready for Christmas yet, but I need some new designs for Christmas Magazine Adverts!

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