When I have anytime, usually after ten at night when I am too tired to paint I will try & keep you updated on what we are upto.

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  1. I am really enjoying painting on paper for the first time for about fifteen years. One of the reasons I started painting on plates was that I felt there were so many good artists about I could not do any better & a blank plate is not as scary as a blank piece of paper at least not to me. But as we have started printing onto mugs I needed some paintings to fit them so I started painting on paper over the Christmas Holidays. It was a bit strange at first but I am still piping the design onto the paper using a cake decorating bag as I do with the ceramics so it is not too different. The main thing I have to watch is that I do not get my piping bags mixed up as the kiln would burn all traces of the non ceramic piping paste away.

    I love being able to put more detail into the paintings & be able to do all the paintings I have been planing in my head for the last 10 years but have never had time to do. I normally have to stop myself from painting too much detail on the ceramics so it is lovely to have the freedom to paint as much as I like for a change & maybe I might even get a little more freedom from working 24/7.

    imgp1919   mug-tag f

    Original photo & Painting                                                    Finished Mug

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