When I have anytime, usually after ten at night when I am too tired to paint I will try & keep you updated on what we are upto.

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  1. 20th ann

    I never know what I am going to be asked for next. A customer from Ireland ordered over 20 hearts to give to members of her family to help celebrate her wedding anniversary, with a big surprise party for everyone. I hope they all enjoyed themselves.

    A while ago I painted some hearts for a customer who's brother had sadly died. I had to paint his favorite can of beer on the heart. I forgot all about it until  I got a call from a lady who had met my customer in a graveyard & had been been given my number. She had seen the painted heart by the graveside & enquired where it was from. She wanted a little something special for her children to put on their Grandad's grave. The children were quite young & it reminded me that my children lost their grandad when they were 2 & 4 which is very young to have any memories. I am glad that I could help out in a small way because as they grow up you realise how precious childhood is & how much they & their grandad have lost in time that could have been spent together.

    20.9.11 001 - Copy

  2. We have just come back from delivering stock to Sheffield, we are taking part in the Christmas Crackers Exhibition at the Millennium Galleries in the heart of Sheffield, so if you live nearby have a look in. I just wish we could see the exhibition, it runs from November till the middle of January but I still never get round to going.

    Just as well, I would probably want to rearrange all my ceramics. I always do when Adrian puts them out on display on the stall. I spend hours changing everything round, he gets a little bit annoyed at me but I cannot help myself. Is it because I am a perfectionist or a control freak? I cannot decide?

  3. I have not got much work done this week as I have been too busy re-doing all of my website. The old one had a lot of problems with speed & links not working, so I have changed to this site. Hopefully there will be less problems & it will be easier to choose the designs required.

    Christmas is coming & I am not working enough, it is hard to get into the right mood when the weather is so nice for October.Once I get on the computer time seems to fly, even more than when I am painting. I keep having to remind myself that within a month I will be attending Christmas craft shows. so I will have to restrict my computer time before my husband chucks the laptop in the bin. He do'es not consider sorting out the website as work. He thinks that unless I have a piping bag or paint brush in hand I am not working. He forgets about all the other jobs that need doing when you run a business. Sometimes I feel like doing anything but painting! I enjoy all the other jobs that need doing, like applying for shows, replying to customers emails, looking for supplies & even accounts. I swear that one day he will tie me to my desk with a paint brush in my hand & a coffee drip in my arm. Although on second thoughts, if we are ever going to have enough stock ready for the christmas shows  I think I had better go & find some rope now!

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