When I have anytime, usually after ten at night when I am too tired to paint I will try & keep you updated on what we are upto.

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» Listings for March 2011

  1. coronation street

    I recently sent a email about my ceramics off to a few different magazines. A few days later I got a phone call from someone who wanted me to do a special order for the Ideal Home Exhibition. So I just assumed it was the magazine who had called me, so of course I'd agree to anything. In actual fact it was nothing to do with any magazine it was a product buyer who wanted a copy of a spoon & fork from a Coronation Street set from years ago. She had been looking all over & had come across my website. I agreed to make the ceramics for her, we already have a spoon rest we could use so we had to make a spoon then cut it up to look like a fork. Because it was such a rush we had the fork & spoon drying by the fire last weekend. I finally got to paint them which I was dreading as I had to copy the original designs which are nothing like my work, but I managed it & got them sent of on time. So if you are going to the Ideal Home Exhibiton this March see if you can spy my Spoon & Fork on the Coronation Street set

  2. LambI love this time of year, the first signs of spring are all around us. I saw my first spring lambs this year which inspired me to go all out over the top for spring & paint this spring lamb jug. It is not a design I do all year round so I enjoy it even more when I have the excuse to paint all things spring like. This design is not currently on my website but you can email me to order it on any of the ceramics available on my shop pages.

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